The Holy Bible 3D for PC FREE (English)

The Holy Bible in 3D for PC [FREE non-commercial]

This is my favorite project programming, I launched in 2008 and for various reasons had not been able to complete its first version (1.0-Spanish) until November / 2010, the second version (1.1-Spanish) published it in May/2011, on September 14, 2012 published the latest version 1.2 (Spanish) and  October 07/2012 published the first english version King James English version.

The Holy Bible in 3D for PC, is a program that contains the holy scriptures of the Bible King James Version, and offers the ability to view them in a new way by engaging and interactive and will serve to read the holy scriptures of the Bible a very simple no matter if you are in your home, office or on the road working, all you need is a computer.

"I want to clarify that I intend never replace the printed version of the Bible, this is a tool adapted to the new times that will complement the reading of God's word and biblical studies."

This is the first version in english of The Holy Bible in 3D for PC. It is designed for anyone and can be useful for daily reading or as a tool for Bible study.

My motto for this project is "A Bible for you just a click away" and not designed to profit you can download, copy, give away but should not be for profit directly or indirectly or NOT FOR SALE .

Hector B. Cruz.

  • Read the Bible verse by verse almost as if you had in your hands.
  • Read the Bible by chapter.
  • Friendly interface.
  • You can change the size of the biblical text to suit your convenience.
  • You can change the font that is displayed.
  • You can change the color and highlight text.
  • You can quickly find a bible and read it.
  • Search for words or phrases in the Bible indicating old / new / whole Bible / specific book.
  • Add to favorite biblical quotes then consult or prepare Bible studies.
  • Copy all interesting data to paste them or share them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. by means of buttons located next to the Bookmark buttons on each page.
  • Search Dating Bible randomly (as we do when we open the Bible at random).
  • It has a collection of interesting facts of the Bible.
  • You can create your own comments or studies of any quotation or passage and save them for future reference.
  • Studies Biblical events.
  • Other ......

I would love to give me your opición, suggestions or recommendations by leaving a comment below or if you can email me directly at:







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Download King James English Version 1.2 FREE 
(Build 07-OCT-2012)
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2 comentarios:

michael tutos dijo...

bueno es muy interesante lo que as creado se que soy tu único comentario pero esto va a hacer un poco largo por que te expresare muchas cosas

bueno tu biblia 3D es muy buena porque las personas no tienen tiempo de leer la biblia cuando se sientan en su PC comienzan a ver esa biblia como fondo de pantalla y por curiosidad comienzan a leer la biblia y seguro tu eres una de esas personas que crean las cosas en 3D/TRIDIMENSIONALES)y me da gusto que ayas creado la biblia me gustaría que crearas un libro cristiano de 1000 paginas me gusta mucho leer las cosas cristianas me gusta la biblia pero no te negare que no la leo corrientemente pero la leo bueno espero que no te aya molestado en haber creado un comentario mas largo de lo normal pero quiero decirte que te conviertas al señor si no lo estas el te dará cosas que tu siempre as querido pasas por pruebas pero lo importante es que el murió por todos nosotros y perdono nuestros pecados así que te digo (CREE EN MI Y SERAS SALVO)(REINA VALERA 1960)bueno espero no te enojes por lo que hoy te dije y a todos los de esta pagina sigue así dios tiene cosas grandes para ti

Héctor Cruz dijo...

Muchas Gracias Michael por tus comentarios. Pronto ya estará disponible una nueva versión de La Biblia 3d 2.0.